Free for you, or pay a small, fixed commission….your choice. In the Partner Plan, the ordering customer pays just $2.00 per order. They don’t mind, and are used to paying MUCH more to the 3rd party delivery companies. Or on our Commission Plan, we cap the commission at 5% per order. We make a little money you make a lot!

Partner Plan (Free to You!)

$ 2.00
Charged per Order to the Customer
  • You keep 100% of food revenue
  • A small charge added to the bill at checkout
  • Buyers are used to paying more to the 3rd party guys
  • No Upcharges or surge pricing
  • Standard credit card rates apply

Commission Plan


Commission Per Order

  • 95% of food revenue goes to you
  • Customer Never sees a charge
  • Small Fee with no increases
  • No upcharges or Surge pricing
  • Standard credit card rates apply

With either plan above you’ll capture all customer data each time they order and then use our powerful Text and Email engines to drive business on demand.

  • All Automated Text Messages are FREE
  • All Text Blasts that contain your menu URL are FREE
  • All Email blasts are FREE
  • Smart Loyalty is FREE