Frequently Asked Questions


What is Flourish Complete?

Flourish Complete is the best online ordering platform in the industry…but it is so much more. Flourish Complete is a total commerce system for restaurants, including online sales, direct marketing, smart loyalty, review management, digital coupons, touchless tableside menus, touchless waitlist, and more, all in one platform. You’ll capture all of your customer data each time they order or enroll, and we give you the easy tools to reach them and drive business via SMS text message, MMS picture message, and email.

How do I sign up for Flourish Complete?

Just click the sign up button on the home page and it will prompt you for some basic information. Once received, a Flourish Complete onboarding expert will reach out shortly and start the onboarding process with you. They will work with you every step of the way until you are set up. And remember, once you’re set up, the first 30 days are completely free to you, and you have no contract. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can simply stop service with us and have no further obligations.

I already have online ordering; how else can I use Flourish Complete?

Flourish Complete is a total commerce system for restaurants. Rather than just “take orders”, Flourish Complete drives new business and increases repeat business, thru our powerful marketing, referrals, loyalty, and review platforms.

How does Flourish compare to other big, online ordering platforms?

With Flourish Complete YOU are in complete control. We add a “SEE MENU & ORDER” button to your website and Facebook page. You never have to rely on your delivery company’s website or ordering platform. The orders are yours, the menu pricing is yours, and you get to keep all of your data. Not only do the big guys not give you your data, but they use it against you to market to your competition. With Flourish Complete, you get online ordering and a complete data capture marketing system, smart loyalty, review management and so much more. Click here to see why both restaurants and their customers hate the big 3rd party delivery companies. BTW if you don’t love your current website, we can have you up in running in days with a new Sales Optimized Website.

What support do I get once I sign up for Flourish Complete?

Our onboarding specialists will guide you every step of the way. We’ll capture a lot of your data remotely and will reach out to you directly for additional, needed information. We’ll build your menu for you, walk you thru the platform, and place your first test order. Of course, assistance is always just a phone call, chat session or email away.

How do I receive Flourish Complete orders?

There are 2 ways to receive orders. You can receive them directly to your POS system, through one of our integrated partners (don’t worry, we’ll handle all the set up). Or if no POS, you’ll install a dedicated tablet and our easy to use ordering app.

Does Flourish Complete use my website? Will you provide a website?

We add a “SEE MENU & ORDER” button to your existing website and Facebook page. If you don’t have a website or don’t love your current one, we can have you up and running in days with a very affordable, sales optimized website.

How does delivery work with Flourish Complete?

With Flourish Complete you can provide a Delivery option at checkout (including standard or touch free), but Flourish Complete does not provide direct delivery services, Then again, we don’t show up late or eat your food on the way either. We suggest one of two options: Option 1: You can coordinate your own delivery with your own delivery drivers. Option 2: You can partner with a local existing courier with a flat fee pricing structure (we can help with recommendations) Both of these options are designed to allow you to fulfill delivery orders without 3rd party commissions. You decide on the delivery radius, minimum order size, and delivery fees.

Driving New Sales and Increasing Repeat Sales:

How does Flourish Complete drive more business to my restaurant?

Every time a customer orders from you or enrolls in your system, you’ll capture their phone number, postal address and email address. Then you can use that data to reach out to your customers with our powerful SMS text marketing, MMS picture texts and email marketing platforms. We’ll set up drip, text campaigns that automatically send texts to your customers based on their buying habits. Haven’t seen a customer in a few weeks?... no problem, our system can send them an automatic text promotion. You’ll also have a complete, cardless, “Smart Loyalty” program, where points are applied automatically at check out and your customers are reminded how far until their next reward. No cards, no apps, no sign up hassles.


How much does Flourish Complete cost?

With our Flex Pricing program, you can choose between billing methods. You can choose our FREE TO YOU, Partner Plan, where your customers pay a small fee with each order (usually between $1.50 - $2.00/order) and you pay nothing, or you can choose our Commission Plan where we take a small percentage of each online order (usually capped at 5%). And with either plan automated texts, emails and text blasts that contain your menu URL, are FREE. Click here for more details on pricing packages.
Standard credit card processing fees apply.

What are some of the hidden fees that might come up?

There are no hidden fees with Flourish Complete.


How long does it take to get set up on Flourish?

We can have you up and running, including your menu, website and all set up details, usually in a couple of weeks. If you’re rushed, we can work out an expedite and have you up in days.


Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

There are no contracts and no cancellation fees. This is a partnership, if we’re not doing our part, you SHOULD cancel.

How do I cancel Flourish Complete?

Just contact your Flourish Complete Service Rep and let them know.

How long does it take to cancel Flourish Complete?

We appreciate 30 days notice to cancel Flourish Complete. This allows us time to send shipping labels for collecting hardware, (if applicable), and time to finalize any outstanding deposits.