Flourish Complete for Restaurants

All in One, Commission Free Online Ordering, Marketing & Loyalty Platform

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What is Flourish Complete?

Flourish Complete is a Total Commerce System for restaurants that includes, online ordering from your website & Facebook page, digital text advertising, a do it all scheduler and automated "smart" loyalty

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Take Orders from Your Website & FB Page

The Flourish online food ordering and delivery system makes it easy for your customers to find and order from you. Our beautiful menus work flawlessly on any device.

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Capture Customer Contact Data & Increase Sales

Here's a novel thought... YOUR customer data is YOURS! Capture phone, email and address! Use our powerful tools to directly reach your customers and drive traffic on demand.

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Smart Loyalty, the Automated & Active Approach

Your customers are automatically enrolled, and then updated with every order. Send automated text messages, based on buying behavior.

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Keep Control of Your Money & Your Reputation

Unlike the big, shared, online delivery portals, we don’t take extra fees or communicate directly with your customers. You’re in control of your menu, costs, and reputation.

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See Flourish in Action

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Online Food Ordering

A complete online ordering system for pickup, delivery, order ahead and table reservations, all in one solution. We add a "SEE MENU & ORDER" button to your website and Facebook page. BTW over 74% of your customers "strongly prefer" to order directly from you, versus going through one of the online, delivery companies.

Why Customers Prefer Direct Restaurant Delivery vs 3rd Party

I’d rather the restaurant handle thewhole process.Third-party delivery fees are moreexpensive than restaurant fees.I trust restaurant employees more thanthird-party delivery employees.I don’t trust third-party delivery driversto handle the food properly.Restaurant delivery drivers are nicerthan third-party delivery drivers.010%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%

image credit: https://www.restaurantbusinessonline.com/operations/what-consumers-want-premise

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Capture All Customer Data.

Not only do you get it all, phone, email, and physical address, but we give you the easy tools to reach out to them any time business is slow, or just to drive a steady stream of traffic. Ever wonder why the big, 3rd Party Delivery Companies don't give you, your own customer data?

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The Flourish Scheduler Does It All.

And this is only the beginning!

  • Take Reservations. Including "Order Ahead"
  • Schedule Pickups & Deliveries. Including Curbside and Contact Free
  • Build & Manage a Touchless Waitlist. No pucks, no pads, no pandemic
  • Take a Number Functionality. Customers can check where they are in line
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Drive Sales on Demand.

Each time a new customer interacts with your platform whether ordering online, making reservations, or joining a waitlist, you'll capture their phone number, email address and physical address. Using our powerful text marketing and email platforms, you can literally drive sales on demand. 95% of your text ads will be opened within 15 minutes. All procedures are 100% TCPA compliant.

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Your Customers Expect A Loyalty Program

You know that right? And they want one that's valuable and easy to use, and they don't want cards, apps or emails. And you want one that is effective, drives store traffic and builds goodwill. Flourish Smart Loyalty solves all the traditional signup problems (it's automatic!), and when combined with our text marketing program above, drives traffic continuously by sending automated messages based on customer buying behavior. Haven't seen a customer in a few weeks?.... our system can automatically send them a promotional offer.

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Reputation is Everything.

With the Flourish Platform you are in complete control of your money and your reputation. Your customers will rave about the simplicity and you can easily:

  • Build Positive Reviews
  • Receive Online Referrals

And best of all, there's no 3rd party system to tarnish your reputation, with cold food, exorbitant fees or poor service!

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Don’t Love Your Website?

We can have you up and running in days, with a beautiful, e-commerce website. Our sites are optimized for SEO and Sales and particularly, for ease of use. Your customers will love the functionality regardless of the device they use. Restaurants that use our sales optimized websites increase their sales on average by 162%. Cost - ONLY $99.00

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